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Bedtime Stories for Children


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If you want to make bedtime into a memorable experience while giving your child all the benefits that come with reading bedtime stories, then keep reading... Children love bedtime stories, and they serve an important role in helping a child develop his or her imagination in ways that visual media can't. Though the reader will paint a picture with their words, the child will be left to fill in the details with their own imagination. This self-generation of the story you convey will build your child's creativity levels and will help relax your child. If you read to him or her in a calm and gentle manner, it will help relieve the tension your child has built up during the day and allow them to slip off into a deep and soothing sleep. We often fail to recognize just how important a good night's sleep is to a child's wellbeing; that deep sleep sets them up for the following day. With this guide and a good night's rest, you will see them wake up in a better mood and free from any stress that lack of sleep invariably causes. Finally, there is another important aspect to consider. Reading to a child is far more than just an act of storytelling; you are going with your child on an adventure. You become a part guide, part companion, and part co-conspirator. You also become someone who can be trusted and someone to share in some of the child's most formative memories. Set aside your own cares and concerns for a few minutes and enjoy the journey with them. If done well, it will be a journey that your child will remember forever. Even if the details of the witches, dragons, and unicorns escapes them, they will always remember their traveling companion. The benefits are:Helps children prepare for a deeper, more relaxed sleep Encourages the development of imagination Generates a greater level of creativity Healing sleep prepares the child for the following day Creates an important bond between listener and reader Provides a child with lifelong memories they will pass on to the next generation Encourages a child to want to learn to read And teaches a few life lessons along the way To help your child go to sleep peacefully, then you won't want to miss these wonderful tales of dragons, mermaids, and more, so scroll up and click "add to cart"!
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