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Bedtime Stories for Kids


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If you want to make bedtime into a lovely experience, then keep reading... This is a book of bedtime stories for younger children, each with an insight into our personalities. The book's little creatures are non-threatening and non-violent, and each learns lessons about being human - decent humans. Even though they are not human themselves, they face the same problems we all faced growing up. Being aware of ourselves and mindful of how we feel helps us realize what and who we are. We can see our own prejudices and failings and become aware of our own power. The book uses all our senses - sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell to bring the tales to life. As you read about the alien and the dancing dinosaur and follow Dopey the Dreamy Dragon on his adventures, you will find challenges you might have faced and which your children may have to face. The mermaids and the unicorn all have gifts and weaknesses we can share in a tolerant and gentle way. Every story ends with relaxation time to help your child go to sleep. If you read these sections slowly, pausing the words with your child's breathing, you will find that your child relaxes and settles peacefully to sleep. You and your child will find these stories uplifting, inspiring, and peaceful, setting the perfect scene for a long night's rest. So if you want a collection of engaging and relaxing stories to help your child fall asleep, then scroll up and click "add to cart".
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