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The Last Phone Booth on the Left in Brooklyn


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Organized crime retained its hold on the New York boroughs through neighborhood loyalty. As the residents struggled economically due to increasing gentrification, the mob was seen as more of a potential savior than the corrupt politicians. The one-two punch of gentrification and displacement was felt most keenly in the South Brooklyn neighborhoods of Gravesend and Benconhurst. In spite of the influx of "Yuppies" and "Hipsters" robbing the area of its classic charm, the Italian Mafia fought to retain its presentence and control. Organized crime was struggling due to relentless pursuit by law-enforcement pursuing RICO cases. Yet, they maintained a presence, even if it was diminished in comparison to their legacy. Italian-American Teresa Cussimano and her nephew Anthony become involved with the mob when they desperately need help. But neither Teresa or the mob knew there was an informant working with the F.B.I. to build a RICO case. When mob members are finally arrested for Racketeering, Teresa feels an obligation to those who helped in her time of need. She becomes involved in the trial, on the side of the most unlikely of allies.
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